Integrate Cobot with KISI

This add-on connects your space’s Cobot account with your account.

  • New members who are added to a Cobot plan will automatically be added to your KISI account
  • Cancelled Cobot members are automatically removed from KISI access
  • When members open the door, they will automatically be checked in to Cobot

Get Started

What does KISI provide?

KISI is an easy-to-install smartphone access system which can be integrated into your current access control. KISI will work with you to install a one-time hardware solution that will connect to your existing door locks. Then, members are assigned to access groups and are granted access via a mobile app, depending on their membership level.

  • Control access based on time, place, and date
  • Manage access rights from web and mobile
  • Issue and revoke key access instantly
  • Unlock the door remotely for emergency situations
  • Easily oversee all access operations without the need for IT or keycard duplicators
  • Monitor security through mobile access logs