Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my members are added to KISI?

KISI sends an email asking them to install the KISI app. After doing so, they immediately have access to the doors set up in your KISI account.

Why do some members not show up on KISI?

Only members that have an email address can be added to KISI. This means they either have to be connected to a user account on Cobot, or you have to enter a contact email.

Why do users on KISI show as pending?

When members from Cobot are added to KISI, they get an email asking them to install and set up the KISI phone app. Until they have done so, they show up as pending.

Can I restrict certain members to only access some doors?

Yes, by using groups on KISI. When setting up groups, you can decide which doors people in the group have access to and at what time.

Cobot automatically adds members to groups on KISI based on their plan name. If it can find a group with the same name as a member's plan, the member is added to that group. Otherwise, they are added to the default group.

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